Parish Organizations

St. Mary's Sisterhood

Founded over 80 years ago, the ladies of the Sisterhood work tirelessly to help support the operation of the parish.  They organize and work at various types of fundraisers throughout the year.  They also operate the Ukrainian Kitchen during bingo hours and provide refreshments at our monthly fellowships.  They are the backbone of our parish family.

Senior Ukrainian Orthodox League (Sr. UOL)

The Senior UOL  is an active service organization that engages in fundraising as well as parish and community events.  They organize many of our stuffed cabbage sales and the annual Cookie Walk.  In 2009, they sponsored the 62nd annual National UOL Convention.  Members must be 18 years old to join.

Junior Ukrainian Orthodox League (Jr. UOL)

The Junior UOL is an active service organization whose members are under the age of 18.  These dedicated young people hold fundraisers throughout the year and work around the parish grounds.  They engage in many community service projects around Youngstown.

Youth Ministry

Our Youth Ministry began approximately 14 years ago.  Through the support of our parish, the Youth Ministry provides scholarships and programs that enhance the participation in Orthodox Christian goals.  Ever June, the Youth Ministry awards our graduates with a scholarship from the Very Reverend Father William Olynyk Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Altar Boys

Our altar servers are dedicated young males who strengthen their Orthodox Faith through serving and assisting our pastor during the Divine Liturgy and Holy Days throughout the year.  The typical age for young boys to begin training for altar service is around 8 or 9; however any male interested in serving at the altar should speak to Fr. Harvey.

Church School

Church School classes are offered for grades Pre-K to High School.  They meet directly after the Divine Liturgy.  Students should come downstairs directly after communion is served and have  their snack.  Classes will begin shortly thereafter and end at approximately 11:30 am.  Students should attend regulary in order to learn about Orthodoxy in a meaningful way.

Church Choir

Our church choir, directed by Fr. Becker, is a crowning glory to our parish.  Our choir enhances and beautifies our services.  Its excellence and wide repertoire receives praises from members and visitors alike.  Rehearsals are held on Wednesday evenings and Sundays after services.  If you are interested in joining, please speak to Fr. Becker.  All are welcomed.

Parish Council

Executive Board:

Ron Kichton, President

Chuck Woloschak, Vice President

Dolly Mehalco, Financial Secretary

Stephanie Rimedio, Treasurer

Alice Dobransky, Asst. Financial Secy.

Kathy Battisti, Recording Secy.


Anna Anderson

Dee Bralish

Walter Duzzny

Betty Ewanish

Joseph Malys

Robert Mark

Yvonne Mark

Ben Mischey

Stephanie Rimedio

Marge Senediak

Charles Woloschak

Michael Woloschak III


Tom Inchack

Ken Senediak

David Spanja

Cemetery Sexton: Charles Woloschak

Catering Manager: Arlene Hawryluk

1025 N. Belle Vista Ave.

Youngstown, OH  44509


Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Church

Святі Петро і Павло Українська Православна Церква