In Memoriam

With the Saints, O Christ, give rest to Thy Servants, where sickness and sorrow are no more, neither sighing, but everlasting life.

Vichnaya Pamyat!

Memory Eternal!

Paul Woloschak, 84

Anna Sernulka

1 yr. anniversary of her falling

asleep in the Lord

Memorials & Tributes Online

If you would like to place the name of a loved one on our website for a small donation, either as a memorial or a tribute for a special occasion, please go to our contact page and send an email to the webmaster.   A photo can also be  included. The ad will be online for one month. 

Prayer List

Please pray for good health for our following parish family members:

Fr. John Harvey

Fr. Gregory Becker

Deborah Harvey

Joseph Ewanish

Mary Lapushansky

Olga Senedak

Bertha Pavlechko

John Onesko

Stella Woytek

Margorie Fedyna

Peter Balaban

Kathy Duzzny

Charles Zubyk


Divine Liturgy at 9:30 am

Sept. 4

Sept. 11

Sept . 18

Sept. 25


Commemorations & Feast Days

September 11 - Beheading of John the Baptist

September 18 - Zachariah & Elizabeth

September 21 - Birth of the Theotokos

September 27 - Elevation of the Cross



1025 N. Belle Vista Ave.

Youngstown, OH  44509


The Birth of the Theotokos

September 21

In your holy birth, Immaculate One, Joachim and Anna were rid of the shame of childlessness; Adam and Eve of the corruption of death. And so your people, free of the guilt of their sins, celebrate crying: "The barren one gives birth to the Theotokos, who nourishes our life."

Upcoming Events / Parish News

Sunday Bingo - Sept. 11th

Annual Parish Picnic - Sept. 18th

Recently packages of clothes were donated to Ukraine from our parish - a total of 72 boxes in all. .  Parishioner Ron Kichton, President of the Sr. UOL, delivered the packages to St. Vladimir Parish for departure to Ukraine's orphanages and victims of the Russian incursion .  Thanks to all who donated clothes and those who helped with this important charitable event.


If you are interested in renting our enclosed Pavilion or The Orthodox Center, please call Arlene Hawryluk Tel:  330.530.2048

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Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Church

Святі Петро і Павло Українська Православна Церква


Every Monday & Wednesday at The Orthodox  Center at 6:45 PM.

Tel:  330.792.6732